1974 OASIS
1954 OASIS


First tourist hotel

During the country's beginning of modern history in the 1950's , Oasis hotel has been constructed in 1954 as one among the largest tourist hotel with 2 floors comprising of 40 Deluxe rooms. It was a landmark by itself and hosted an array of International and bi-later meetings as well as a important destination to travelers and business delegates. In the later years as the country grown, the infrastructure and facilities also seen a progress with the developments of multi level buildings.

5- Star

Luxury Hotel

Meeting the whispering winds of Doha seaside, the luxury hotel encompasses modernity and traditionality that extends throughout the interior with magnificent, elegant and world class furnishings and fittings. The splendid decoration in traditional Qatari style, combined with modern amenities will surely a charm to delight in the coming days of Qatar future and the visionary founders will deliver an outclass luxury hotel to welcome the international delegates from across the world coming for FIFA 2022.

Under Construction